Don’t confine yourself to visiting Paris

In France, at least once in a lifetime everyone has to go. Don’t confine yourself to visiting Paris, because Paris is not the whole of France!.  Discover the diversity of this magnificent country with us! Admire the beauty of lavender fields in Provence, enjoy the sun and the sea in Nice, walk on the beta in Cannes, try the exquisite French wine in burgundy and Bardot, restore the forces in the luxurious spa centers of Brittany, and, of course, visit the Louvre, know delicious croissants in a café in Montmartre, and walk on Champs fields, at the Eiffel Tower and inhale the scent of Paris!

What associations do you have when you hear the word “France”? Someone would immediately remember the Eiffel Tower or the noisy cabaret, someone would think of the cheese and wine of the extra class, and someone will in front of the monuments of history and serene countryside landscapes. The connoisseurs compare France with a young woman and counsel to pave the way to her heart in Paris.
The Bohemian life, the elite fashion shows, exhibitions, museums, and the romance atmosphere-many are coming here just to touch the beautiful. Paris ordained poems and called a variety of names. But Russian CCS is closest to the word of the famous publicist Ilya Ehrenburg, who in 1931 wrote in one of his books, “See Paris and Die.” Despite the ironic tone, this phrase was in the love of our compatriots.
And it may seem as if there is no other life than in nightclubs, art galleries, or the salons of a large city. But if Paris is a heart that beats at a frenzied pace, the countryside is the soul of France. Perhaps in the search for inspiration, or perhaps to try the products of local farmers, tourists are going to the south of the country.
Here in a small town of Aix-en-Provence, the famous artist Paul Cézanne lived and worked. He wrote portraits, still and landscapes, but from year to year the same story was repeated in his paintings. In winter, in the summer, in rainy and in clear weather, Cezanne painted the mountain of St. Victoire, which on every canvas is presented in a new form. Perhaps skeptics will say that a sophisticated nature is inherently applaud similar things, but seeing these edges firsthand is difficult to remain indifferent.
Evening outfit
The attractions of Paris, Marseilles, Lyon and the villages here would have been more than enough for two ordinary European countries. But France is unusual. And if Paris is her heart; The individual villages are her soul, the Azure shore is an evening outfit, sparkling the lights of casinos and discos. Excellent service, luxury hotels, ancient attractions, and, of course, the established beaches, the azure shore, have long been a status resort, and the vacation that has been held here is a symbol of elite membership.
With a cursory acquaintance with the country, this number of recreational opportunities is admirable, but at the same time disheartening. I mean, I want to go to France and get in the spirit without missinging anything, and in this number of options it’s easy to get confused.
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