Many tour operator offers you a tour to Finland

Many tour operator offers you a tour to Finland. You have a great choice of entertainment and activities: Group and individual, sightseeing tours, rental of cottage facilities in Finland, ferry cruises in Finland, fishing in Finland, spa hotels in Finland, water parks in Finland, and more.
Recreation in Finland is an opportunity to have a great time for you and your family. Here you rest from the city’s fuss: comfortable hotels with spa centers and water parks, cottages on the shores of a lake or the sea coast, combined with fishing and the collection of mushrooms and berries, will help you to regain strength and to be energized. You can complement your rest in Finland with a variety of active programs: Safari on Quad, horse riding, hunting, rafting, lake cruises. In the course of the year, many festivals and events of various sizes are organized in Finland. The Finnish festival is a very interesting event that can be devoted to jazz, classical and rock music, dance, art, opera, or culture of an individual country, but surely it is a colourful and fascinating event worth seeing.
You have an excellent opportunity to rest with your children, which can be held in a spa hotel or a rented cottage in Finland, and it is possible to carry out a cruise on the comfortable ferry Silla lines, where a whole town is placed with shops, pleasure decks, restaurants, play rooms, water parks and casinos. A lot of recreational and theme parks will allow you to travel around the country with interest.
Its capital is Helsinki.
The population is 5 147 000 inhabitants.
Time lags behind Moscow for one hour.
The State language.
Approximately 93.5 per cent of the population speak Finnish, 5.9 per cent in Swedish (both state). In the business and tourism sectors, English and German are widely used. In the northern regions they speak Sami.
The national currency is the euro.
There is no restriction on the import of national and foreign currency. In addition to personal use, you can import up to 1 litres of strong alcoholic beverages (stronger than 22%). or 2 litres of appetizer (max 22%) Or champagne, up to 2 litres of wine and up to 16 litres of beer. You can also import duty-free up to 200 PCs. Cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 gy of tube and cigarette tobacco, up to 100 Gy tea or 40 Gy tea extract and tea use of the essence, up to 50 grams of spirits and 0.25 litres of toilet water, and tourists at least 15 years of age-500 GR or 200 gr use of the essence. In addition to the above products, tourists are free to import goods into Finland in the amount of € 175 if their number does not exceed the restrictions listed above.
In addition to the contents of the tank, it is possible to import duty-free to 10 litres of petrol. The importation of avian eggs is prohibited, meat and meat (except for the limited import of the reindeer, hare and bear with a veterinary certificate of installed form and entry through the veterinary border crossing where the foodstuffs are subject to a paid border search), the import of milk and dairy products from Russia is practically prohibited.

Agencies ‘ work
Banks usually work on weekdays with 9.15 to 16.15, weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. All banks are closed on holidays. The stores work on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 8, Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Many private shops are open longer, and between June and August also work on Sundays. Almost all shops (except “R-Kiosks”) are closed on holiday.
A special travel ticket is in effect in all modes of transport. You can buy a ticket for one day, 3 days. Travel tickets are more convenient and cheaper than one-time tickets. The tickets are valid for bus, tram and subway travel. The duration of the travel ticket is calculated from the time of the first trip. The fare ticket is about EUR 50.
Weekends and holidays: January 1 (New Year), 6 January (baptism), March-April-Good Friday eve of Easter, March-April-Easter + Monday in Holy Week, May 1-Spring feast, 50th day after Easter, 22-28 June-Ivanov Day, 1 November-Day of All Saints, 6 December-Independence Day, 25-26 December-Christmas.
As a rule, the tip in Finland is not mandatory and is not intended. However, if you are satisfied with the service, you may not require change if you wish.
Fishing in Finland
The Finnish fishing permit is required. It is not necessary to catch a float fishing rod, but also to podled permits, with minor exceptions.
The best time to catch a pole in southern Finland is from 15 April to 15 May. The best time to catch the artificial lure of Pike is spring and fall, though it can be dedraw from the towns of the day, always, until the ponds are covered in ice. The national fish of Finland is found throughout the country.
Useful Contact information
Emergency care-112, fire brigade-112, police-112 or 10022. These services are called free of charge from any point in Finland. Address Help Desk (phone, address)-118.
Tourists arriving in Finland from outside the EEC may make purchases of DFI (i.e. non-taxable purchases). At the border, tax interest is returned on departure from Finland (approximately 12-16%, from 10% of products. The return is made when a cheque is presented that is valid for 3 months. The tax-free purchases from the country must be in the store, and they should not be unpacked and used before leaving the country.
The seller fills the cheque on the basis of the passport you have presented. Citizens who have a permit to stay or work in Finland or in any other EEC country are not entitled to return tax-free.
The return of tax-free does not apply to books, tobacco products and services.
The tour operator for Finland, Quintus-Tour, will provide any information of interest to you on the rest in Finland: Helpful tips and feedback, as well as much more. Carry out unforgettable tours to Finland, in the heart of Scandinavia with Quintus-Tur!
Recreation in Finland, tour of Lapland from tour operator for Finland
The rest in Finland from Tourer Quintus is a well worked group programme throughout the year, as well as any individual country visits. In the year, we offer charter trains to Kuopio.
During a winter holiday in Finland, you will be able to visit Santa Claus, Ski and Sankoh, and try to be in winter fishing. The most important thing is to spend time in this winter forest, alone with nature.
Tours in Lapland are popular with families with children and large youth companies. For you, we specifically prepared proposals to stay in the cottages.
Recreation in Finland is affordable and diversified. During the winter holidays, you can learn to run dog and deer sleds, take alpine skiing lessons, and snowmobile.
The tour operator for Finland, the Quintus Tour, fully aware of the peculiarities of the country, will choose the best fit options to meet your needs. And yet the main feature of this North Country is to meet the real Santa Claus. Tours in Lapland necessarily include the visit to the Santa Claus Village and the Fun fairy tales.