offers you a trip to China

offers you a trip to China. You have a great choice of activities and entertainment: sightseeing tours, recreation on the beaches of the famous Hainan Island. In addition to China’s touring tours, our company offers event tours, travel to sports events, exhibitions, and concerts.
Would you like a ride in the time machine? Tell me it’s impossible. Is. Quintus Tour specialists know how to do this-they’ll arrange for you to have a memorable trip to China, talk about all the charms of this amazing country, help you choose the right tour, and the visa design.
The visit to China is a journey to the past and the future: Most Chinese cities are two to three thousand years old. Over such a long period of time, this hardworking people have created a great number of historic monuments and artefacts.


Many of them have not only been well preserved, but UNESCO has been included in the catalogue of World Cultural and Natural Heritage (in this list of 29 Chinese attractions), including the Great Wall of China, the Palace Museum, the Yiheyuan Park, the Temple of the Sky, the tomb of the Emperor Cin’shihuana and the Museum of terracotta figurines in Xian, Mount Hua, the palace of Tala.
The Chinese economy is the fastest growing world. Travel to international exhibitions, held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, is an excellent opportunity to conclude profitable contracts and to find new business partners. The schedule of exhibitions you can always find on our site, in the Business trips section. The Guangzhou Fair is the largest industrial exhibition in the southeast region. Quintus Tour has been organizing visits to the fair for many years.
A journey to China is a journey to gastronomic paradise. The real Chinese cuisine can only be tried in China! No one, not even the best European chef, will prepare you true Chinese dishes, because any arrangement in Chinese cuisine is not pure Chinese national art.


In one trip, of course, it is impossible to examine all the sights and beauty of this magnificent country. No matter how many days you make a trip, it’s not going to be enough! But even if you stop at 3-4 days in the most famous centers in China, the kaleidoscope is assured!
In Beijing, you have ancient, and perhaps most famous, sights: here and the old parts of Beijing “Hutongs”, and retained their uniqueness, the Great Wall of China. They marvel at their beauty and fantastic energy-the Winter Palace “palace”, the Temple of the Sky and the Summer Palace.
Look for a couple of days in the ancient capital of China-Xi’an. It is here before 1974 the real treasure, the terracotta Army of the first Chinese emperor, was hidden in the earth.
In Shanghai, there is a need to visit the amusement park, the Jade Buddha Temple, to climb to the observation sites that are located in the pearl of the East tower and in the skyscraper of Jin Mao towers. Go to the extraordinary cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou, located in the suburbs of Shanghai. We guarantee you won’t be indifferent! The most beautiful nature in the subtle frame of human fantasy and labor-great talk, ponds, and a lotus-blossoming pool-all of this in combination with Feng will give you peace and tranquillity.


Hong Kong is a hurricane city, in a good sense of the word. The city is not very big, but it has so much in it! There won’t be enough weeks to meet at least a part of what’s worth exploring!
The museums of history, science, art and Space have a wealth of exposure and their attendance will be interesting not only for adults but also for children. Two giant parks, Ocean Park and Disneyland, will allow families with children excellent time in this Asian mega-city.
For gambling and risky people, we recommend that you travel to Macau. It’s only 40 minutes on the ferry, and you’re in the Mecca Casino. In the breaks between the stakes, it is possible to look at the buildings that have been left since the Portuguese rule in these lands, as well as to bet on the dog races.
After an active touring program or Business Week, we recommend relaxing on one of the best islands in Southeast Asia, Hainan Island.


The year-round resort on the coast of the South China Sea over the past decade has become a truly international resort. Practically all the known hotel chains opened the doors of their hotels here. The best is the “Tangerine Oriental” (Mandarin Oriental) and the Ritz Carlton (Ritz Carlton). In addition, we recommend that you stop at “Marriott” (Marriott) and “Sheraton” (Sheraton). All of the listed hotels have spa centers where you can find harmony in your souls and bodies. In addition, Hainan Island has a modern health centre, the garden of longevity, where professional doctors using the age-old knowledge of Chinese medicine will be able to provide qualified assistance to all those who wish to do so.
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