Portugal Tour completes Information

We present Portugal Tour completes Information

Apart from such pleasant little things as good roads and golf courses, Portugal looks and lives like in Magellan and Vasco da Gama. Grapes are still with the songs paved feet; New fishing techniques have not been invented; In trite temples, prayers are praying in the old way. The waves of the Atlantic are still trying to sharpen Portugal, and it is, as always, the tiled walls with a white and blue picture, and it is counterattacking ships with courageous captains. The area of colonies was once more than 100 times the size of Portugal!


To talk about where in Portugal the most notable attractions and the oldest antiquities are empty: it is easier to say that UNESCO has not yet declared a “World heritage” here. At a house in the village of Sabrosa, where in the 16th century, there was no one to bend the sign, the house is home to ordinary peasants. And in the museum of some Portuguese village in Karapulu, where thirty people live, there is Picasso, and they give.


Rent a car (EUR 23 per day) and make sure that there’s nothing ordinary in Portugal. For a week or so, you can travel the whole country (you don’t even need a guide to Portugal), and the country is what you’ll feel after you’ve ridden it on a joust horse (it’s not about calluses on the sedalishh). All the more so that you can spend the night in Pouzadah-houses and monasteries (12-century) converted to hotels. There’s even an air-conditioning in the room disguised as an old trunk; I’m sorry, the books in the library have been dusted since the 12th century.


You have to bounce over the ocean, along the rivers, among the traffic oaks, past the cactus “groves” that grew overnight. Portuguese wine under the fresh fish mitigates shocking impressions. And if you’re going to drink grape vodka in Russian, you may be paid by an unfamiliar Portuguese: they respect the brave and the weirdoes.

Raised by the ocean and peasant labor, the Portuguese are serious people. All of their “romances” are fado of unhappy love. But as the peasants are having fun singing and danceing on Sunday after a drink of wine! Portugal cannot fail to love …


Portugal simply has a shopping mall, and you can learn about the wealth of the souvenirs it produces by engaging in a fun tour of local shops and souvenir shops. Local prices nice to surprise you.

The invention of frivolous aliens-“night life”-can only be seen in Lisbon.

The coast of Lisbon combines the beauty of excursions and sports. The city of Porto and the Douro River is an area from which port amateurs can be driven only by bounds. Do not refuse to visit the best resorts of Portugal: Southern Algarve Province is a beach and recreation place and, of course, Madeira is an island of eternal spring and an infinite Madeira.


The flight from Moscow to Lisbon lasts five hours. The time difference between Moscow and Lisbon is 3 hours.

The tourist company has been a tour operator for Portugal since 1996. During this time, our company has accumulated invaluable experience in organizing individual and group tours of Portugal. Our managers will provide any information of interest to you about vacation in Portugal.



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