Sri Lanka “the Pearl in the Indian Ocean”

Sri Lanka is the Pearl in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is an amazing small island located 800 km from the equator. No other country in the world can offer a guest so much fun, no matter whether you’re on vacation or business.
At any time of the year, Sri Lanka is feeling a sense of eternal summer and a constant riot of juicy paints. In the white-reef necklace, the island looks like a jewel on the blue Velvet of the Indian Ocean. The great Indian poet and thinker Rabindranath Tagore called Sri Lanka “the Pearl in the Indian Ocean”, and A. Chekhov, who visited the island at the beginning of the 20th century, was a “Paradise Corner”.
Sri Lanka is an island in the ring of palm beaches. The internal part of the island is occupied by a fertile valley, which passes through the hills of the tea bushes and in the ladder. The south-western part of the island covers tropical forests. Sri Lanka is located in a tropical belt and is protected by a powerful mountain array from the northern winds.
The island of Sri Lanka is the realm of the tropics, the golden beaches, the unique waterfalls, the lush exotic vegetation and the ancient monuments. For wholesome recreation, there is everything: ocean, sun, clean air, smelling green leaves of tea, and cozy luxury hotels with golf courses, tennis courts and mandatory swimming pools.