Why do you plan to visit Norway ?

Why do you plan to visit Norway ? Below the reason ;

Norway is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian peninsula countries. You’ll be able to visit the famous fjords in Norway, go on a sea cruise to Hjurtirjuten, take a fishing trip in Norway, rest in Norway’s cottages, and more. Tours and cruises with visits to Finland, Sweden and Denmark are also very popular.

Our managers will help you prepare individual tours to Norway or offer already completed group tours. Recreation in Norway is an excellent opportunity for you and your family to be comfortable and interested in spending time.

In addition to individual and group tours to Norway, our company Predlagaetsobytijnye tours, sports events, exhibitions and concerts.

Norway is an undisturbed nature, crystal clean fjords surrounded by mighty mountains with snowy peaks and green slopes, and stunningly beautiful waterfalls. The southern coast of Norway is usually warm summer. Bright Paint, sun, old wooden marinas, rumble sea water and white wooden houses. On the West coast, you can take part in sea fishing or deep-sea rafting. In the north of the country, it is possible to become acquainted with the fauna of the region by taking part in the Eagle or whale safari. And in winter, acute sensation enthusiasts can even swim with Kasatka. Arctic Norway is the Kingdom of light. The sun never sits in the summer. There’s an amazing feeling that admiring the unmatched beauty of nature, illuminated rays of sunlight in the night hours.

Norwegian fjords

If you prefer to travel with comfort. The Scandinavian division of our company will show you the most beautiful places in Norway, including the famous fjords. The main benefit of this excursion is that everything will be ordered for you, including not only hotel accommodations, which we specifically selected, taking into account the specifics of our tourists, but also visits to the most interesting places, tickets to events and concerts, dinners in the best restaurants.

Majestic fjords and high mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls and island archipelagos, eternal glaciers and pure lakes combined with the rich cultural and historical heritage of Norwegians attract tourists from all over the world. We are confident that even the travelers will have a new, bright experience.

Fishing in Norway

Everyone knows that Norway is famous for its fishing. You are assured of pleasure, fishing luck, and peace. Just imagine you catch trout in one of Norway’s many rivers, and you have an amazing landscape. You can go for cod in the high seas, and throughout your fishing, you will enjoy the fabulous, beautiful fjords and zavorazhivajushhi landscapes of Norway. In northern Norway, you are guaranteed the catch of cod, halibut and royal crab. Central Norway is one of the best regions of the country for freshwater fishing. … What you should know about fishing: About 60 000 kilometers of coastline, more than 130 salmon rivers, thousands of lakes with fish, all of which create ideal conditions for fishermen. All you have to do is toss the rod in the right place. As a rule, the best time to catch salmon is from mid-July to mid-August, but the period may vary by region. July and August are the best months to catch trout in rivers and lakes. The most common fish is less than kilograms, but there are also larger catches.

Svalbard-Arctic Pearl

The island of Svalbard has some magical power that attracts travelers from all over the world. Here you’ll meet the unique animal and plant world of the harsh Arctic region. And the polar night and the polar day will be remembered for a long time.

Winter Rest in Norway

In the winter, Norway has all the conditions for active recreation, from a glacier to a snowboarding Celine in Hemsedal. You will also have the opportunity to try kiting. Major alpine resorts are equipped with modern equipment and are adapted to family recreation: resorts have special children’s zones for skating and playing, alpine skiing. Norwegian resorts also benefit from free slopes, lack of queued elevators and reasonable prices for sci-passes and alpine education. In Norway, all the adrenaline fans, both skiers and snowboarders, are waiting for some of the finest parks in Europe for extreme skating. It is perfect to stay in the cottages or in a cozy hotel. And as a reward for your efforts, you will receive unforgettable impressions and a mountain tan. The winter Norway is waiting for you!

Norwegian cuisine

Some of the best chefs in the world are Norwegians. Until recently, food was received at least four times a day in western Norway. However, abundant food does not affect figures-for the most part Norwegians remain heaters and straws.